How to Fix When I am not Seeing any TrafficBot traffic in Google Analytics?

If TrafficBot has delivered your scheduled traffics, but you do not see the result in your Google Analytics dashboard, here are a few potential root causes and solutions that you may try:

Check Google Analytics Date Range

By default, Google Analytics will show report up until yesterday. If your scheduled traffics delivered today, you won’t see the result in Google Analytics without adjusting your report date range. The fix is simple, just adjust your Google Analytics report date range to cover today will do.

Check Google Analytics Tracking Code

This is quite basic, but sometimes we might overlook it, especially when you have a lot of different Google Analytics accounts. You can eliminate this by double-checking if you target website has the same Google Analytics tracking code installed, compare to the Google Analytics account that you are viewing.

Check Google Analytics Result Again After 24 Hours

By default, Google Analytics results will delay a while before showing the actual result. Usually, the real-time result will delay for a few seconds and the reporting result will delay up until 24 hours. If you do not see traffic from us in Google Analytics yet, you may come back to check the result again after 24 hours.

Check Google Analytics Bot Filtering

For Google Analytics version 3 and below, you may have enabled bot filtering feature that auto-filter all bot suspected traffics. You can easily bypass this by going to Google Analytics -> Admin -> View Settings and uncheck the Bot Filtering checkbox will do. For Google Analytics 4, there isn’t an option to disable bot filtering. But there is an easy way to clone it to a Google Analytics 3 account with all these features. To do that, you may refer to our other blog post here. You can also refer to the same blog post to find out how to know if you are using GA3 or GA4.


If all the above solutions do not solve your problem, you may have encountered a more specific issue and we are happy to help to diagnosis it. You may even grant us temporary Read access to your Google Analytics account for us to investigate further.

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