How to Purchase Social Media Engagement Services From

On top of regular website traffic boosting, TrafficBot also provides social media engagement services to cover customer need to boost their traffic on popular social media platforms. For example Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and more.

The process to purchase these social media engagement services from TrafficBot is very simple. You may refer to the video below to walk you through the steps, or the text guideline below if you prefer reading the details.

Steps to Purchase Social Media Engagement Services

  • Register or login to your free TrafficBot account
  • On the dashboard side menu, navigate to Billing > Social Media > New Order
  • Click on the search button next to the Service table header. Key in the social media name that you want. For example “youtube“, “facebook“, or others. Once you are done, click the Search button to filter the table.
  • Below are the detail description for each column:
    • Service: The service name
    • Price ($) Per 1,000: The price for every 1,000 unit of the service the service will cost. For example, Price ($) Per 1,000 is $5. You’ve ordered 500 Likes. The final price is $5 x (500 / 1000) = $2.5.
    • Min Order: The minumum amount of order unit
    • Max Order: The maximum amount of order unit
  • You can click the Description button on each table row to see more detail description of the service. Click the Purchase button to proceed to the payment page
  • On the payment page, just key in the url that you are targeting, the amount, verify the charges to see if it is correct and you can proceed to pay via Paypal.
  • Once payment done, you can monitor the progress at Manage Traffic > Social Media > Order Status

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